I’m Ryan Monro from Melbourne, Australia. I play music, and I also write code. Sometimes I manage to do both at the same time. Musically, I’m best known as the upright and electric bassist for The Cat Empire. I’ve also been working as a full stack developer since 2017.

I enjoy music and coding for different reasons: the aim of music for me is to communicate in a way that defies description, whereas coding is about being able to describe anything and reduce it to a series of discrete, unambiguous steps. They seem to have such opposite goals but tend to balance each other out. Whereas music can be so open to interpretation and dependent on personal taste, with code, if it doesn’t run it doesn’t run. What they have in common however is this: once you learn the rules you can learn to break the rules, and then you are only limited by your imagination. Music is creativity where your only tool is sound, but coding is creativity where your only tool is logic.

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