Try to guess which two guys have actually fallen asleep in identical positions, and which four are taking the piss.


We left the hotel in Ottawa at 7.00am to fly to Montreal, and then fly to Québec. When you look at it on a map, you may wonder why we didn’t take a direct flight from Ottowa to Québec. After all, Ottowa is the capital of Canada. But that’s not how it works. I think the phrase “Canberra is the capital of Australia” should explain the situation enough. According to Google Maps, you can drive there in 5 hours and 5 minutes. Flying took only slightly less than that, all things considered. The first flight only got up to 11,000 feet. We spent longer waiting to board the second flight than our total flight time.

So on the surface it doesn’t seem to make sense to fly there rather than drive. But when you’re in touring-without-a-bus mode you kind of have to stick to it. It’ll all even out when we get to Vancouver and can all relax with the knowledge that we won’t have to go near an airport for ten days.

Back to the story: Québec. The crowd was huge. I think this blurry, out of focus shot captures it better than any of the good photos I took:

Next: two flights to Vancouver, after which we will be rewarded with ten days of no flying whatsoever.

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