Vancouver, Mt Washington, Vancouver

Vancouver. Show one of two:

There were multiple stage invasions. We thought we’d seen our last poutine when we left Québec, but that stuff travels fast. We were glad to see Guitar Hero II backstage again, but not so glad that the guitar is still slightly damaged: only up-strums work. Free Bird on Hard just got stupid impossible with monodirectional strums. Next: Mt Washington.

What a spectacular place to hold a festival. I’m not sure whether we were more confused by seeing snow in summer, being bitten by mosquitoes while standing in snow, or seeing snow and still suffering from a case of festival-dust-lung. One thing’s for sure: there’s nothing confusing about the effects of alcohol on a large crowd at high altitude. Kudos to the hardest-working men in showbusiness that night: the park rangers in charge of telling people off for pitching their tent in places they shouldn’t. Next: back to Vancouver again.

Ah, that show was much more in-focus, despite the saké. Some of the people up the front threw their own versions of the setlist on stage, as a silent-ballot-song-request sort of arrangement. I’m not sure whether Felix accidentally thought one of them was the real setlist at some point, but we definitely played songs that we hadn’t planned. But you’ll know that’s pretty standard for us, if you’ve ever grabbed a setlist from our stage before and noticed it bore little resemblance to what we actually played.

Next: day off in Banff. Rooftop hot pool.

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