Tour Diary

If this is your first time on the tour diary, you’ve got a lot of reading to do. But if you’ve been keeping up with the tour diary posts on TCE’s website or Myspace, you’ve probably read most of it. And I do say “probably” and “most” for good reason. Some of the posts are just some stuff I found on my hard drive that are TCE-related but never made it online. I’ve indicated which material has been previously published. Otherwise, assume it was all on TCE’s website at some point.

All dates are approximate. All tagging is, well, in progress. All spelling mistakes probably won’t be fixed: if they’ve been that way for this long, they may as well stay there. I recommend starting with the November 2007 stuff where every post is named after a Beatles song, it’s the most worth reading for sure.

Comment away, especially if you find any REALLY bad spelling mistakes, or things that just don’t work. Don’t bother writing to tell me how lame I am for using WordPress’s default theme though: that stuff is not my strongest suit. My strongest suit is the one I got for $3.50 on 50% off day at Savers in Frankston.


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