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Toronto. The Phoenix.


Oh, er, right. That’s not really going to cut it. Let’s try again.


That’s better, at least we can see some of the crowd. Clearly the lights were moving around a hell of a lot at the start of The Chariot. That’s Stéphane on the lights. He’s a Québecinite, and he’ll be in Australia for the tour there too. Anyway, let’s try again:


Almost there…that flash is throwing it off a bit. One more:


That’s the Phoenix! Thanks for coming down, everyone. While in town we also saw the Jays annihilate the Orioles, including two home runs from José Bautista and a lot of choppin’ but no chips flyin’ from Adam Lind. Will and I also saw Megadeth and Slayer on our night off after the gig. Adding themselves to the already enormous list of bands that are touring and playing in their entirety albums they released 20 years ago, Megadeth played Rust in Peace, and Slayer played Seasons in the Abyss. Ricky somehow got our names on the guest list, and we had passes to some sort of VIP bar side-of-stage too. It was like something from Wayne’s World. Thanks Ricky. Adding myself to the already enormous list of people who fall into the trap of comparing everything they see to something in Melbourne, I’ll say that Molson Amphitheatre was like Sidney Myer Music Bowl, but wider. And full of friendly Canadian metalheads.

Next: New York.

Calgary Folk Festival

Oh. I’ve done it again. It’s the end of the tour but there’s still ten days of stuff I haven’t told you about yet. Damn. Let’s start with the coyotes.

Calgary Folk Festival was located on Prince’s Island, in the middle of Bow River. I checked, and it’s not the Bow River that’s mentioned in the Cold Chisel song of the same name. The island is right next to the city (or amongst it, really) but it still feels pretty remote when you get out there, and I sure wasn’t glad to see this sign on the bridge:


There are only three bridges to that island. If the coyotes took the bridges, we’d be done for! That made me a little nervous. Leash pets for their safety?! What about the humans? I wasn’t really sure of what coyotes were capable of: I have no real world coyote experience, and only really know about them through Wile E. Coyote, Coyote Ugly, and the ones in Red Dead Redemption. They can mess you up if you’re not careful.

That reminds me: something that seems to be happening a lot on this tour is the confusion that results from walking into a conversation and not realising it’s a conversation about something that happened in a video game.

“Yeah man, I was out in the desert and all of a sudden I was surrounded by wolves, and they killed my horse and then I had to run to the next town which took like ten minutes.”

“Hang on, you’re talking about a video game, right?”

It sounds pretty bad if you think they’re talking about real life.

“I got on the train again, and I got further than last time, but I kept getting shot at by the guys on the roof. I never know when they’re coming.”

Anyway, back to the story. Coyotes. No, we covered that. Where were we? Oh yeah. Calgary Folk Festival. Another folk festival with those workshop things that only happen at folk festivals.


That’s us with Etran Finatawa. Coolooloosh were on stage too but, honestly, I found it pretty hard to take a photo that included all three bands. Ollie probably did a much better job: when he’s awake and not playing keyboards, he’s usually taking photos.

Next: Toronto.